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The benefits of free software

Today at work, I was talking to a new employee. They were worried about a part of the job that they would need to do in the future because they didn’t have much experience. I was excited to tell that person that nearly all the software we use in the office is Free/Libre Open Source…
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Cloud software is a drain

It seems tempting. A low monthly fee for a software package that always gets updated automatically. Except it is usually to go to of companies bereft of ideas looking for a way to prop up their profits as the need to upgrade their software on an annual basis dries up. After being subscribed to QuickBooks…
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Perhaps A Good Compromise on Sick Pay

Sick pay is being begged for by the essential workers, by public health advocates, and by opposition government. But the reality is that, while to fight the threat of COVID taking down our health care system it will likely become a permanent benefit. There are very legitimate opposing reasons not to implement this as a…
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Smart Home, Its Time For Business

COVID19 made my investment in smart home technology more understandable (but ironically, still unnecessary since I live alone). But the largest advantage to be had is reducing high traffic touch points in the home. We touch so much everyday without realizing it. And those same things are shared with others. But first, let’s talk about…
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Working from home

Technologies for COVID19

These will be trying times as we isolate ourselves from the office, and also person to person contact we all are accustom too. But the good news is technology can help reduce your risk and bridge the gaps of simply working at the kitchen table. This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive and it might…
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