Wallaceburg, Ontario

Category: Smart Home

Smart Home, Its Time For Business

COVID19 made my investment in smart home technology more understandable (but ironically, still unnecessary since I live alone). But the largest advantage to be had is reducing high traffic touch points in the home. We touch so much everyday without realizing it. And those same things are shared with others. But first, let’s talk about…
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Cutting the cord, again.

When cord cutting first began, it was mostly thanks to Netflix. It was one source for commercial-free, on-demand media that could replace the traditional cable or satellite bill for a reasonable monthly cost. This changed when everyone wanted to get into the market. There’s Crave, Amazon, and the upcoming Disney network and Apple services. These…
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Tracking devices in the home

I received a Google Home for Christmas last year, and after checking to see if some rumours are true, such as it is always recording and sending data to Google which seems to be very false, I decided to buy one for each room in my house. It seemed like it might be a good…
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