Wallaceburg, Ontario

The benefits of free software

The benefits of free software

Today at work, I was talking to a new employee. They were worried about a part of the job that they would need to do in the future because they didn’t have much experience. I was excited to tell that person that nearly all the software we use in the office is Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) and they could freely download it and use it at home.

We were specifically speaking about the GIMP. A great alternative to Adobe Photoshop. I said they could try editing photos before posting to social media; or make fun little images that could make someone have a laugh.

But think about it. The best thing here is that using FLOSS not only benefits the person at work; but their life at home has been enhanced. It also allows this person to try new things, gain new skills, and become more adaptable in the office. It’s win win.

Most people think about FLOSS as just being a way to save money; but there’s so many compounding benefits. While the transition to a complete FLOSS environment takes time, it’s these benefits that make it worth the effort.