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Why I Am Moving Away From Social Media

Why I Am Moving Away From Social Media

Lately, with all the issues around what happens to your demographic information when posting online, I have decided to begin moving content I create to a new platform. But what free platform can you use to post to friends and family?

I am in the lucky position of being able to host my own server with a WordPress website. I know precisely where my content is stored and who sees it; all while ensuring my value as a demographic isn’t being monetized to someone else’s benefit. The extra benefit – I can monetize my content I produce and receive a cheque if I am popular enough to justify it.

Of course it would be ideal to move away from Facebook and Twitter. Perhaps the only way to do this is to bring back the RSS aggregator. Given it didn’t succeed the first time, it probably won’t ever. The best we could expect is some sort of free service that makes it easy – but it just won’t be as easy as Facebook.

That is why if you notice more posts on Facebook and Twitter linking back to website, you will know why now. I am taking control of my own data.